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SPRS-therapy (Service for Personal Regeneration of Skin)

Starting January 2011, HSCI brought to the Russian aesthetic medicine market SPRS-therapy – a comprehensive set of services for individual skin regeneration based on the innovative cell technology of applying autologous dermal fibroblasts to repair skin damage due to aging or other structural changes.

This new medical technology, which entails the use of patient’s own dermal fibroblasts for skin defects treatment, was authorized by the Russian healthcare regulator in December 2009. During 2010 the Company conducted pilot clinical applications as well as additional clinical trials resulted in minor improvement changes in the technology which have been registered (FS #2009/398 dated 21.07.2010) – with the aim of specification of requirements to clinics allowed to offer the service.

SPRS-therapy is provided via health clinics. Today the service is primarily offered through the leading dermatology and cosmetics clinics of Moscow (>30), however the Company is making steps for entering regional markets (as of the Q3 2015, cooperation with clinics in 14 cities across Russia an CIS).

SPRS-therapy – a set of personalized diagnostic and treatment procedures to improve skin condition and appearance:

  • diagnostics of the conditions of the patient’s skin (analyzing the regenerative and proliferative potential of the patient’s dermal fibroblasts)
  • a therapy course using a cell product containing the patient’s own dermal fibroblasts
  • long-term storage of the patient’s skin fibroblast culture in a cryogenic bank 

Creation of the SPRS-bank — the patient’s own dermal fibroblasts
After being isolated from fragments of skin taken from behind the patient’s ear, the fibroblasts are cultivated in laboratory conditions using special techniques for 6-7 weeks. A sample of cell material from each patient undergoes compulsory safety testing in order to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Cryopreservation of the SPRS-bank 
Individual SPRS-banks are placed in a cryostorage, where they can be preserved in liquid nitrogen for an unlimited length of time and used throughout the patient’s lifetime.

SPRS-product — a suspension of the patient’s own cultivated fibroblasts
The minimum appropriate quantity of fibroblasts is taken from the SPRS-bank to develop the needed dose of the cell product to be applied intradermally.

SPRS-therapy is based on dosed impregnation of the patient’s skin within the areas of concern with the patient’s own skin cells (autologous dermal fibroblasts). The fibroblasts then synthesize collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other important elements of the extracellular matrix therefore restoring the physiological balance in the skin and the natural renewal processes of the dermis. The therapy reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, improves the skin surface, thickens the derma and increases its collagen density.

SPRS-diagnostics — studying the patients skin fibroblasts
The patient’s skin is studied with the help of modern laboratory methods allowing for an assessment of the quantity and functional activity of existing fibroblasts in the skin as well as their ability to divide, which makes possible to evaluate the regenerative and proliferative potential of the fibroblast population in the skin of each individual patient.

For the whole period of SPRS-therapy presence in the Russian market, more than 75% of patients have returned for the second and/or additional skin treatments (incl. in other areas besides the face). Therefore, the increase in number of requests for services within the spectrum SPRS-therapy (both initial and follow-up applications) is securing revenue growth. 

NB: Outside Russia only one other analogous cell-based technology has been approved. It was developed by Fibrocell Science (USA) and was registered later – only in 2011.

However, the competitive advantage of SPRS-therapy lies in the fact that it includes a set of diagnostic procedures (Skin Passport) which allow for the use of a personalized approach – the development of an individualized program for correcting defects and slowing the skin’s aging process 

 HSCI plans to launch this innovative technology in regenerative and personalized medicine internationally

In September 2012, Vitacel LLC (HSCI’s subsidiary) applied for an international patent (PCT) to protect its IP "Diagnostic method for connective tissue and its application”, which is necessary to receive global patent protection for personalized skin diagnosis (“Skin Passport”). This PCT application was published on April 11, 2013 and in 2013-2014 moved to the national and regional phases (EU, Eurasia, USA, Brazil and Japan).

In February 2014, the US Patent Office completed its expert review and issued Vitacel a patent for its “Method of determining tissue regenerative ability of the skin” (published on July 29, 2014).

The age of patients undergoing SPRS-therapy ranges from 40 to 65. In March 2015 a stand-alone SPRS-bank service was launched for the younger clients as the type of bio-insurance. The service allows them to cryostore autologous skin fibroblasts in order to use in future – for repairing skin damage due to aging in such areas as face, neck, décolleté or hands applying SPRS-therapy as well as for the treatment of skin after burn injury or other trauma-induced skin damage.

Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 19 DEC 2014: "Clinical-instrumental and morphological evaluation of the effect of autologous dermal fibroblasts administration"

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