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Patent "A method for obtaining myoblasts, usage of gingiva biopsy, drug based on myoblasts for treatment of muscular tissue pathologies and a method for its obtaining"
Patent "A method of producing endothelial cells (variants)"
Patent "A method of preparing pluripotent stem cells"
Patent "A method of nucleic acids delivery into eukaryotic cells"
Patent "Application of histone protein as an inhibitor of adenoviral transduction"
Patent "Codon-optimised recombinant plasmid, stimulation technique for peripheral nerve regeneration, treatment modality for damaged human nerve"
Patent «A method of preparing a pharmaceutical composition for inducing angiogenesis in a tissue, the pharmaceutical composition obtained under this method, and a method of treating human ischemic tissues and / or organs»
Patent "Method of pluripotent cells generation"
Patent "Method of fibroblast-like cells isolation from newborn's umbilical cord"
Patent "VEGF genetic construct" (+ Licensing Agreement,  Appendix)
Patent "Method of cord blood nucleated cells isolation"
Patent "Method of human embryonic stem cells differentiation into endothelial cells"
International Cord Blood Society Sertificate